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for the River City Brass Band, Music Director Denis Colwell
Suite from
"The Natural"

Randy Newman, composer
Drew Fennell, arranger


The Natural has always been one of my favorite movies, and the music is absolutely incredible. Randy Newman really captures the fairy-tale quality of the story. That sweet, sentimental trumpet solo just perfectly underscore the images of a father playing catch with his son, and the simple and folksy harmonies call to mind a different time in America. And there are few moments in movie history that compare to that of the tremendous home run scene where all the lights in the stadium explode as Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) rounds the bases; that moment absolutely would not be the same without Randy Newman's score. (Newman finally got his Oscar in 2001 for a song from Monsters, Inc., but it was nearly twenty years late in my estimation.)

I think the brass band is a great medium for this score. The sonority of the bass instruments and the homogeneity of the sound just suits the music.

  • Suite from "The Natural" is not published.

  • Hear a short sample of Suite from "The Natural" by the River City Brass Band, Denis Colwell, Music Director from the compact disc recording All American*.

*Right click on the link and choose Save Target As... to download the file.

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