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for Philip Webster and the River City Brass Band
Latitude Adjustment
Drew Fennell, arranger


Latitude Adjustment is a fun little novelty medley of favorite Christmas carols for performance ideally by a steel drummer (optionally, as steel drummers are not all that common, the solo part can be covered with a marimba). The medley includes: Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, Oh Christmas Tree and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Each tune has a sort of Carribean/Reggae flavor, and there is even a little quote from Sonny Rollins' St. Thomas. I particularly enjoy the Oh Christmas Tree segment: it is actually rather pretty.

I had fun writing this medley. The title, of course, refers to a "change of latitude" to a more tropical destination - hence the less-than-subtle quotation of Leavin' on a Jet Plane which begins the piece. The tune was written to feature the talents of Phil Webster, whose percussion skills go far beyond the orchestral instruments. I admit that it is a little clichéd, but I personally find it sort of refreshing to hear something as alien as steel drums playing some old Christmas favorites - and, most importantly, audiences love it.

  • Latitude Adjustment is published by Drew Fennell Publishing.
    Available for Solo Steel Drums/Marimba with Brass Band.

  • Hear a computer generated version of Latitude Adjustment [brass band version]*.

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Solo Steel Drums/Marimba with Brass Band Instrumentation

Soprano Cornet in Eb
Solo & 1st Cornet in Bb
Repieno Cornet in Bb
2nd Cornet in Bb
3rd Cornet in Bb
Flugelhorn in Bb
1st Horn in Eb*
2nd Horn in Eb*
3rd Horn in Eb*

1st & 2nd Baritone*
1st Trombone*
2nd Trombone*
3rd Bass Trombone
1st & 2nd Euphonium*
1st & 2nd Tuba in Eb*
3rd & 4th Tuba in Bb*

Solo Steel Drums/Marimba
(3 or 4 players)
Percussion includes:
suspended cymbal

wind chimes

*Parts for Horn in F as well as parts for Baritone, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba in bass clef also available.

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